Our Speciality

RCG corporation shares issues that regional companies have,
solves those issues by working together for productivity improvement and develop domestic/overseas market,
and aim to build a sustainable business model and revitalize region based on interregional cooperation.


Support For the Development of Overseas Market

We support overseas expansion by utilizing online business meeting and cross-border EC site by the financial institution cooperation digital platform "SELAS".
We will support sales agency at shared office in overseas.


Support For Domestic Market Expansion

We will work to create domestic sales channels by cooperating with large enterprises and operating EC site.
Also, we support the branding and specialization of local products and the building of supply chains.


Support For Regional Trading Company Business

We support regional financial institutions in establishing regional trading companies, consult with existing regional trading companies and introduce products.



Wide-area business system


SELAS is a first combined wide-area business system in Japan that has a business matching function and a shopping function cooperated with financial institutions specializing into overseas expansion.(https://selasjapan.jp/
We will solve problems Japanese companies have had when expanding overseas and support the expansion of sales channels.

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The financial institution cooperation type regional mutual sales service

"BANKER'S Choice"

BANKER‘S Choice is the service that introduces recommended items to Japanese consumers via catalog and E-commerce site.

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