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RCG corporation (here in after referred to as "our company") appropriately protects and manages your name, e-mail address, telephone number etc. (here in after referred to as "personal information" Emphasizing that, we will establish this privacy policy.

1. Acquiring personal information
We may acquire you personal information on some content of our website. In that case, we would clarify the purpose of your personal information usage which you provide in advance, and we would use your personal information within the appropriate scope with your consent.
2. Management of personal information
We will thoroughly manage safety so as not to cause unauthorized access, loss of information, failure, tampering, leakage etc. As a part of the business, we may entrust the handling of personal information to the contractor, but our company is responsible for the supervision of the contractor. In addition to the above, we will not disclose to third parties unless we are requested by a legally binding third-party organization such as a judicial affiliated organization after proceeding under law.
3. Usage of personal information
We will use personal information within the range of purpose of use indicated at the time of acquisition etc. and within the limit necessary for carrying out business. In the case of entrusting the handling of personal information to a third party, conclude a contract to strictly observe the secret to the third party, clarify the location of the responsibility, and provide necessary and appropriate supervision for the safety management of personal information to hold.
4. Third-party provision of personal information
In principle, we will not provide personal information to third parties except as provided below.
  • Customer's consent
  • Personal Information Protection Law and other cases stipulated by laws and regulations
  • Request for submission from a legally binding third-party organization such as a court or a police agency
  • Necessity for business operations at our company's subcontractor
5. Inquiries concerning personal information (correction, disclosure, deletion)
We will respond promptly when we are requested to disclose, correct, suspend or delete the personal information of ourselves.
6. Establishment, implementation, improvement of personal information protection related regulations
In order to thoroughly implement the above policy, we inform and implement all of this staff and stakeholders, and we will continuously review the contents of this Privacy Policy and make efforts to improve it.
7. Change and Revision of privacy policy We may revise or change this privacy policy from time to time as appropriate due to the revision or abolition of relevant laws and regulations and changes in circumstances.
8. Contact Information
RCG Corporation
TEL: +81-11-600-2465
Tokyo Head Office
Sanyutokiwabashi Bld.,
3-3-5 Nihonbashi hongokucho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
103-0021 Japan
Hokkaido Office
Windham Hill Minami 5-jo,
6-2 Minami 5-jo, Nishi 8-chome,
Chuo-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido,
064-0805 Japan